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subject: re: axner's oil lamp liner

updated tue 7 dec 99


Ken Russell on mon 6 dec 99

The Axner oil liner is what you want to prevent any seepage of kerosine onto
a priceless Steinway. The Aftosa stuff is for kids, low fired, oven fired
play clay. I've used both. Aftosa's does NOT work, glazed or unglazed with
c6 clay with even 1 to6 % absorption in the clay body. The only thing to
absolutely stop seepage of kerosine through the fired clay is fire a c10
body with zero absorption or glaze the inside of the lamp with a glaze that
fits the clay well and cool slowly to avoid any crackling of the glaze
surface. For added assurance, I still coat my oil lamps with Axner's stuff.
If anyone wants my Aftosa stuff, you can have it if you pay shipping.

Ken Russell
The Arlington Pottery