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cone 04 red/extruders/testing

updated thu 9 dec 99


Stephani Stephenson on wed 8 dec 99

Hi Listees and Listers!
I am searching for a yummy cone 04 iron red a Shaner
red.....Am embarking on some glaze tests. wondering if anyone has any
formulas or clues they'd like to share...or is someone out there
interested in the same type of glaze? maybe we could collaborate on some
testing.....and share our results. might be fun!
Also I'd like to hear feedback on the best extruder to get...need to
do some 5 inch diameter hollow extruded shapes.... The Scott Creek and
the Bailey models seem heavy duty. If anyone feels moved enough to
praise or damn one or the other let me know!

Finally, I just want to suggest something for those who might be
feeling overwhelmed at the complexities of glaze formulation. I've
recently started doing something I should have done a long time ago.
Starting with very simple combinations..for lowfire: a clay , a strong
flux like frit or gerstley, and an opacifier...and combining them in
differing ratios. I am astounded at the variety from a few simple
ingredients. and I begin to understand those materials. like musical
instruments they are, capable of playing many a fine tune.
one reason I chose Ceramics many years ago was that I knew that no
matter how much I knew I'd never know it all. It's one of those fields
where the minute you think you know it all, you realize you are just
beginning. ain't it grand?!
Alchemie Studios
Leucadia, Ca