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electric lamps

updated fri 17 dec 99


Janet Kaiser on wed 15 dec 99

Whilst you are discussing the technical questions, just think about potters
elsewhere who cannot just go for it any more...

Thanks to legislation in the UK, everything electrical that is sold new (or
second-hand if it from a shop rather than privately), has to be checked by a
qualified electrician and given a =22certificate=22. This costs from 5 to 10=
sterling locally.

A potter I know has been reduced to making bases and giving his customers a
bought kit to finish the job themselves=21 This naturally reduces (a) the =
of lamps he sells and (b) the price he can sell them for. After all, as soon=
someone gets a =22kit=22 that they have to work on, they expect it to be =

All electrical appliances also have to have a fixed plug... You know the =
that is =22welded=22 on? Try getting one of those through a hole at the =
side=21=21 :-)

Not very helpful today, am I?

Janet Kaiser
The Chapel of Art: Home of The International Potters' Path
Criccieth LL52 0EA, GB-Wales, UK
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pam easley on thu 16 dec 99

Wow! What is the government going to do next?! That s a hefty fee. Maybe
your lamp making friends can sell the kits for the wiring separately, giving
the purchaser the choice of buying it from him/her or getting one
themselves at least the outlay of cash wont be so great for having to
charge less than if the lamp were fully assembled. Or would you have to get
another kind of retail license or some other b.s.?

Oh, the joys of being an entrepreneur!

Pam, in Seattle, where the rain is melting the fresh snow in the mountains
on the west side here, and causing the rivers to flood.