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small mft (10 cu.ft. setting space)

updated fri 17 dec 99


Kurt Wild on thu 16 dec 99

My MFT is a size we (Mel & I built at Hay Creek) and is also the size a
mutual friend Bob Fritz built. That is - inside dimensions are from
stack/burner port wall to opposite wall 31-1/2"; 36" wide with door
opening 22-1/2" wide; height 32-1/2" high but if I had to do it again
I'd probably go one or two courses higher to 35" or 37-1/2". Shelves
are 12" x 24" using 2 at each level.

As mine is now the kiln is 21.3 cubic feet and with the botom shelf
2-1/2" off the floor the actual setting space is 10 cubic ft.

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