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miami tile

updated sun 19 dec 99


Beverly Crist on fri 17 dec 99

I lived in South Florida a few years ago and remember the work of Carlos
Alves (sp ?) on Lincoln Road Mall. He makes Gaudi-esque installations and
there are several of his fountains and murals along the mall. He has a shop
there as well - or at least he did. Lincoln Road Mall is an outdoor walking
area in Miami Beach with lots of funky shops and restaurants. It was designed
in the early 60's by Morris Lapidous and has a real Jetsons architectural
feel to it - but sadly run down. It is near the art deco area. ClaySpace
gallery used to be there as well, but I think it closed.

Beverly Crist, now in Los Angeles

CNW on sat 18 dec 99

I met Carlos Alves at Penland this summer. Wow, amazing energy!
I was fortunate enough to see his slide show. I totally agree that if you
are in the area of his work you should take the time to see it.
Not just the tiles but the grouting. The colors, wow!