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newsletter, dec. 99, vol. 5, richest clay artist in china,

updated thu 23 dec 99


Clayart China on wed 22 dec 99

CLAYART CHINA, Dec. 99, Vol. 5
"CLAYART CHINA" is a newsletter emailed monthly to professional ceramic
artists who want to know about ceramic art in China and things related. This
newsletter will be a bridge between China and Western countries for the
ceramic arts. Comments and suggestions are very welcome.
Newsletter Editor Guangzhen "Po" Zhou
The Chinese Ceramic Council, USA
P.O.Box 64392, Sunnyvale, CA 94088, U.S.A.
Tel. 408-245-6271, Fax. 408-245-8756, Email:
One of the Richest Clay Artist in China - You-yu Li. Mr. You-yu Li, Director
and President of Hanguang Ceramic Art Company, Ltd. and Hanguang Ceramic Art
Gallery in Shanghai, China, the Scholar of Shanghai Historical Cultural
Institute, China. He visited the US and participated in NCECA, Columbus,
Ohio March 1999 with the Delegation of Chinese Ceramic Artists.
Born 1954, Mr. Li received BFA from the Central Academy of Arts and
Design, Beijing, China, majored in Ceramic Arts in 1981. He taught at
Shanghai University-Fine Art College 1984-1993, he was a visiting scholar
and instructor at the Ceramic Department, Osaka Fine Art University in Japan
for one year. In 1994, he started his own ceramic business, found the
Hanguang Ceramic Art Gallery. Later on, he found and became the president of
the Hanguang Ceramic Art Decoration Company, Ltd. Shanghai, China. His
company hired many ceramic experts from different areas and commissioned
five large projects of ceramic murals, interior decorations for restraurants
and gymnasiums. One of the restraurant projects he did was making cave-like
surroundings. If you get chance to visit Shanghai, you may contact him at:
Youyu Li,
Han-Guang Geramic Art Co. Ltd.
115 Chang-shu Road, Shanghai, China, #200040
Tel. 86-21-5403-3880
Transportation in China: Since air lines are not as popular as that of in
the States, and some roads are very bumpy in the countriside, travel by
train is first choice for long distance trip in China. "Soft Class" or "Soft
Coach" is specially for foreigners and decent people. Safe, clean, comfort
with air condition. Housed in velvet-curtained, four-bunked compartments,
and each car has washing and toilet facilities. You can sit back and watch
China's diverse countryside speed by and injoy your trip.
Hwang, Jeng-Daw (who's American name is Andy) , visiting ceramic artist from
Tainan, Taiwan, gave a slide presentation of his sculptural teapots at
DeAnza College, Cupertino, Ca. Wed evening Dec 8th, 1999. He shared his
ceramic career from his beginning teapots to present day work which included
wood fired pieces from his stay in Shigaraki, Japan in 1998 and in North
Carolina, USA Nov-Dec 1999. After the slide presentation Jeng-Daw shared
with us the art of Chinese tea.After the first and second infusion we were
served a wonderful fragrant tea that was over 30 years old. In China tea,
poetry and music have always gone together. As we had our tea
Jeng-Daw had tea music playing in the background. It was from the cd
"Tea with Flower Fragrance" It was very beautiful. Jeng-Daw plans to visit
the United States again in June 2000.
Barbara Brown phone/fax 408-736-3889
1225 Manzano Way,Sunnyvale,Ca. 94089
The Chinese Contemporary Ceramic Art Exhibition, Denver, USA. 2000.
March 12 - April 1, 2000.
Indigos Gallery:
215 West Thirteenth Ave, Denver, Colorado 80204, USA
Tel. 303-825-3072, Email:
Sponsored by: National Council of Education on the Ceramic Arts, USA,
Indigos Art Gallery, Denver, Colorado, and The Chinese Ceramic Art Council,
Associated by: San Jose State University, California, Ceramic Art Magazine
in Taiwan, Chinese Potters' Newsletter in Beijing, China.
The Jurors: Ceramic art author Susan Peterson, ceramic artist Richard Notkin
and Stan Welsh, art educator Robert Milnes, and art gallery curator Lori
About the exhibition:
This exhibition is a combination of invitational and juries exhibition of
contemporary ceramic art work to be presented in conjunction with the 2000
National Council on Education for the Ceramic Arts (NCECA) conference in
Denver, Colorado.

The participates are including ceramic artists live in Mainland China,
Hong Kong Taiwan and the United States (Chinese Origin). We have invited
total eleven out standing ceramic artists or art school professors
participated in this show. The exhibits are including either vessel forms or
sculpture, functional or non-functional works, but no exceed 24 inches in
any dimension. A full-color catalog will be printed and sold to the public.
Exhibition participants will receive one copy.

Many of these artists made special pieces for this show. At the process of
receiving the exhibition slides and forms, some of the artists felt short of
time to prepare their works and few of Taiwan artists' kilns impacted by the
earthquake in last September. Some of the artists concerned about the
international shipping costs. At the time four days after deadline, we
received ten artists' slides
in one envelope mailed from Taiwan.

We will select about 35 - 40 pieces from total over 70 entries from Mainland
China, Hong Kong, Taiwan and the United State (Chinese origin), including 11
invited artists' works. Mr. Yih-Wen Kuo (Associate Professor Northern
Illinois University) was in charge of inviting Taiwan Ceramic artists, and
Mr. Guang-zhen "Po" Zhou will invite the others. All of the works in this
exhibition will be in the web site: (more information will
come out soon).
In the end, we would like to say:
Thanks to Regina Brown, Executive Secretary; Michel L. Conroy,
Exhibition Director; and Rodger Lang, Conference Coordinator from National
Council of Education on the Ceramic Arts, who helped to arranged gallery
space for the exhibition;
Thanks to the Editors of Ceramic Art Magazine in Taiwan, who helped
including the Exhibition information on their magazine, volume 25, (full
Thanks to Mr. I-Chi Hsu, Editor of Chinese Potters' Newsletter in
Beijing, China, who helped to announce the Exhibition information on his
Thanks to Yih-wen Kuo, Associate professor of North Illinois University, who
helped to invite some ceramic artists of Taiwan.
Guangzhen "Po" Zhou,
the Chinese Ceramic Art Council, USA.
PO Box 64392, Sunnyvale, CA 94088-4392, U.S.A.
Tel. 408-245-6271, Fax. 408-245-8756, Email: .
We invite anyone who has experiences with travel in China, or Chinese
ceramic art, please send a short article to us and share what you have with
our readers.

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