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millennium woodfire in china

updated thu 30 dec 99


Foshan-home on wed 29 dec 99

Millennium WoodFire in China

Ancient Nanfeng Kiln =93Millennium=92s Fire=94 is an exciting international
event featuring prominent Chinese artists, occurring on the eve of the
millennium. The 500 year-old dragon kiln, called =93Nanfeng=94 or =93South
wind=94 will be wood-fired during the millennium celebrations in Shiwan, a
district of Foshan, Guangdong Province, Peoples=92 Republic of China. This
is part of a large millennium celebration for the Ancient Nanfeng Kiln
Travel Development Co. Ltd., encompassing woodfire, dragon dance and
other festivities for thousands of local Chinese.

Eleven Chinese clay artists and sculptors from China, Taiwan, Canada and
USA are presently creating clay sculptures at the Ancient Nanfeng Kiln
Travel Development Co. Ltd. factory. The firing will include works from
international and local artists. The workshop is being broadcast on
regional TV stations and in various newspapers. China TV is filming the
production and firing of the sculptures for part of its=92 Arts
programming. The work will be featured in an outdoor exhibition in
Foshan and then permanently at the International Sculpture Park in the
Nanfeng complex.

The town of Shiwan is the major ceramic production center of southern
China, with 107 kilns in use during the Qing Dynasty. The Ancient
Nanfeng Kiln has been firing for the last 500 years, since the Ming
Dynasty, and is the oldest dragon kiln in China. It is a 34 meters long
tube structure and approximately 6 feet high, with 29 rows of fire
holes. A large Banyan tree grows out the side of the kiln and acts as
the guardian of good fortune.

Ancient Nanfeng Kiln and factory site is being developed into a tourist
attraction, complete with a ceramic production factory, studio spaces,
exhibition galleries, museums, figurine shops featuring the famous
Shiwan folk figures, a restored master temple, traditional studio, two
dragon kilns of 100 feet or more, a mosaic of excavated shards dating
back as far as 5000 years, and international sculpture park.

For more information, please check the webpage =22Y2K Woodfire=22 at the
website of the China Cultural Ceramic Exchange: