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tile workshop in beaufort, nc, jan 14/15

updated thu 30 dec 99


elizabeth priddy on wed 29 dec 99

I am offering a

Tile Workshop in
Beaufort, NC
on Jan 14/15
a Friday and Saturday
cost: both days $90
all three days $150

The FIRST DAY will be about making tiles 3 ways:

hand throwing

the focus will be on decorative tiles
and sculptural tile forms using molds
of add on decoration (ie. molded lizards
to scamper across your tile and such)
and impressed stamp designs

also on natural decor, as in leaf impressions,
animal motifs, and other patterns from nature

The SECOND DAY will be on surface decoration
and topics chosen by participants

surface treatment
glaze options

Work will not be fired during workshop
unless the participants can stay to pick
up or participate on Sunday.

An OPTIONAL THIRD DAY of Chinese Brush Painting
January 16, Sunday $60

methods of painting decorative work with
the chinese brush as on my tile work

is well adapted to painting on pots
bring bisque cone 6 pots or tiles

The town is riddled with b&b's and there are
several cheap options walking distance to class

also close to
Atlantic Beach
Emerald Isle
and Hatteras Island

I can help you set up accomodations.
We will have a waterfront dinner on Saturday
night and otherwise will have ready acces to
Subway and other reasonable food options.

I hope you can attend.

All off season rates, a real treat!

Call after Jan 1 for more information 252-504-2622

or email to:

Thank you,

Elizabeth Priddy

Clay: 12,000 yrs and still fresh!

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