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nceca 2000, higher ground

updated thu 6 jan 00


Louis H.. Katz on wed 5 jan 00

Dear Clayart,
I just posted information on NCECA 2000 on the web. It is best accessed by
going to the NCECA homepage at . The link is right at the top
of the page. Included is a tentative schedule, exhibitions list, information on
the bus tours and more.

I hope to get a copy of the registration form on the web in Adobe Acrobat soon,
but no promises. You will need this form or the one from the poster to register
for the conference. Payment must be received with registration. Posters were
mailed December 20. If you haven't already requested a poster, or you didn't go
to the conference last year, then call 1 (800) 99 NCECA in the U.S and Canada
and ask Reggie to send you one. If not in the U.S. Call, FAX or write for a
Regina Brown
Fax: (541) 347-7076

P.O. Box 158
Bandon, OR 97411

If you must call Regina from other countries call

Louis Katz