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updated thu 6 jan 00


mel jacobson on wed 5 jan 00

it is said that hog chain merrie, and her bunch, fired back
to back wood kilns over the new year. that is a great effort.
way to go merrie.
pride comes with doing, and more pride follows success.
and i had four pots in those firings...makes me smile.
but, god, are they mine? are they merrie's?
should i take pix and enter a show?
don't know what to do/maybe i will tell everyone that
nils made them, gave them to me, sent them to merrie
and we will call them `joe molinaro pots`.

\and did you see the pix of tony c in the claytimes.
funny. no face hair, and don't let him kid you..he is 6 foot 7 inches.
brut of a guy. (website)
from minnetonka, minnesota, u.s.a.