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fw: engobe a (repost w/ add on )

updated fri 7 jan 00


Pamala Browne on thu 6 jan 00

Hi Veena-- I found that I had kept the post. I don't fire mid-range so I
don't know what it would do at ^6. It has been so dependable and useful for
me-- hope it can be for you too !
I'm reposting with only one change --- I said in this, that my
favorite clay was Soldate 60. Unless Laguna has fixed it's glitch with this
clay I may never use it again !! It was horrible last year. I thought it
was me, going thru some type of major slump , I almost quit throwing! Then I
ran out of the #*%@ stuff and threw with another clay. On the first mound I
threw higher than I ever had -- felt good the whole way!! Thank the gods.
The Soldate had been lumpy ( not air ) even after THOUROUGH wedging
and would slump at about 8 ". Anyone know what the problem might have been ?
Someone said that it probably hadn't been aged long enough -- I have no
idea. Anyway, when I head back to City of Industry I won't be getting more
than 100lbs of that stuff !
Here is the repost now pamalab

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OK guys here it is --I have been corrected and will call this an
have used it on 4 different clay bodies at leather-hard,air-dried and
stages.The clay bodies are Soldate 60(my personal favorite),Los Altos,Dark
and B-mix (also includes B-mix with sand).All of these clays are available
through Laguna Clay in CA.All are ^10 bodies ,although I do raku and
with them also.At ^10, the engobe is shiny,white and opaque--I put it on
thick when I want total opacity.So far,I have colored the dry mix with
stains,RIO and Copper with excellent results--perfect fit,great color.I do
CMC to allow for a longer working time when brushing . One of the coolest
things I discovered
was that it is "self leveling"-no matter how goopy it looked after painting
fired smooth.Lets see--I haven't fired it to a lower temp but would think
the fit would stay the same--but it would not be shiny--don't know ,will
have to
try it.I also tested another engobe that fit just as well but did not
Zircopax and since I was shooting for bright or pastel colors in high fire ,
chose the white engobe to work more with.SO,
Engobe A
EPK 25.0
G-200 20.0
FLINT 30.0
ZIRCOPAX 7.5 ADD 10% FRIT 3110 ( magic ingredient )
I have tested this with 5% 3110--comes out the same. I have tested this
4% more Ball Clay to see if it was less shiny--came out the same--I think it
likes being shiny.I have used this mostly on bisque ware--directly under
or with a wax resist on top of it ,then dip into glaze. I've tried to answer
the questions I could think of around the use of this stuff--Enjoy- I hope
like it as much as I do!!