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bats that suck- literally

updated sun 9 jan 00


Anthony Allison on sat 8 jan 00

Dear Claymaters,

Quite by accident I discovered a very interesting property of salt and
flour. I needed a board to set some extra pots on but all I had available
was a crusty old board with dried, caked on, salt and flour. I scraped it
off as best i could, and pressed it into service. The pots were covered with
plastic. Next morning I removed the plastic to find evidence of rivulettes
of water running away from the bottoms of the pots. It looked as though
someone in the night had watered the pots with a watering can and the water
ran off. The bottoms were amazingly firm. Apparently, the salt flour mixture
has a property of attracting the water from the clay. The board was a
pressed wood chip board, which is very rough. I am certain someone out there
might find this to be helpful, say in drying the bottoms of large platters???

Warmest of regards from the land of way below zero