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wood is work

updated sun 9 jan 00


Bill Downs on sat 8 jan 00

Well, its been a long time since I've had the time to bring those interested
up to date with what's been happening on the Big Island. At least what's been
happening in my back yard. I completed my wood fired catenary cross draft
kiln (Udalls,Ruggles-Rankin design) early this past August. Fired it for the
first time August 22, my forty-fourth birthday (44. magnum party). What a
party, many friends and local potters were in attendance. The works of five
potters including my self were in the kiln, and every one was quite pleased
with the results. Two of my pieces were accepted into the state wide juried
show held by the Hawaii Craftsmen Organization, on Oahu. I fired again Dec.
29, my last firing of the nineteen hundreds. New Year's Eve firings sounded
catchy but I couldn't allow for the interference with my revelries. After
cooling I opened on New Year's Day. Making this the First opening of two
thousand. This firing I handled completely on my own, but included two other
potters work. According to the adage the best Wood Fired Kiln is your friends
or neighbors, these lucky two most certainly agree. Again the results were
great and more show quality work was produced. However, wood is work, a lot
of work. and the only thing harder than Woodfiring is selling wood fired
work. Fortunately the former is much more fun than the latter. I hope to
extend the privilege of the use of this tool to many interested potters in
the coming years. Providing an opportunity to experienced potters to enhance
their creativity through wood fire. So if your interested watch for
announcements of future workshops here on the Big Island. A possible trip to
Hawaii and a tax write off to boot.
In regard to the question Mel brought up of 1/3, 1/3, 1/3.I think if I fire
someone else's work in my kiln, its still their work, but if its going to be
entered in a show I should be credited with the placement and the firing.
Much the same way as in the Volkos-Callas arrangement.
Happy New Year to All
Bill on the Big Island