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the yank and the brit (from the canuk)

updated wed 12 jan 00


Janet Kaiser on tue 11 jan 00

When I was 15, on an educational cruise around the Mediterranean, there was
a young American on board and we kind of took a shine to each other. Lots of
innocent hand-holding and chaste kisses.... It was with some embarrassment
that back at school, all the classroom blackboards suddenly had "Janet
Hankin loves a Yank" scrawled on them. The worst insult was someone had
rubbed out the ship weather vain on a church I had drawn in my history book
and replaced it with a heart pierced by an arrow...
So it's been a long time since this Brit has been coupled with a Yank in

Having said that, I do appreciate the explanation Tony... I missed your
original ramble but picked up on a later one, followed by Kurt's.... And so
a thread was born... But doesn't that mean that the list was rising to the
bait as planned? Bit confused really...

What about you Kurt? Or is it Jack? I shall not tell you my middle name just
in case Tony starts calling me "Fred". Are we going to take this laying down
or standing on a soap box? My Mother always warned me about talking to

And you keep rambling Tony Boyo, especially if you are inciting to riot... I
am feeling in fighting mood just now.

And it isn't even full moon.

Janet Kaiser - Really glad to be at home this side of the Atlantic, where we
do not hang or give lethal injections to anyone, especially children.
The Chapel of Art, Criccieth, GB-Wales
Look at The Path!

-----Original Message-----
Dear Janet and One Eyed Jack: The article to which OEJ refers was about how
we short potters are built for the job. The tallies are prone to bad backs
and need to have things thrown for them as they enter their golden years.
The article was tongue in cheek as are all of my writings.
If you have read more than two of my ramblings you will notice that I take
a jab at almost anyone and anything. It provokes discussion! I like to
start quarrels and then run for the hills. If you believe half of what I
write, I have some swamp land in Florida I'd like to sell to you for condo
If OEJ thinks that by getting his eyes fixed I'm going to scrap his
nickname I got news for him. Get well, Jack!

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