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c slip recipe

updated sat 15 jan 00


Peter Jones on fri 14 jan 00

Several people have asked about the C slip recipe I received from Cynthia
Bringle years ago (thanks, Cynthia, I still use it!). I believe this
formula may have come out of Alfred before CB got hold of it. In any case,
it is a wonderful slip that works equally well on wet, dry or bisque fired
ware without having to adjust for shrinkage, etc. I fire to cone 10/11 and
find it works great.

Dry mix the following:

Kaolin 800 gms
Ball Clay 800
Neph Sye 1000
Flint 1200
Borax 200
Bentonite 80

To 500 gms of the dry mixed base:

Brown: iron oxide 250 (280 for darker)

Yellow: rutile 200

Blue Green: chrome oxide 20
cobalt carbonate 25
iron oxide 20

White: Zircopax 75

The slips should either be mixed with hot water to dissolve the borax or
allowed to sit overnight to age. Since I apply most slip decoration when
the pot is still freshly thrown on the wheel, I keep the slip at a cream
consistency. If applying to dry clay, mix it a bit thinner, if to bisque
ware, spray the bisqued pot with a bit of water first to allow the slip to
flow on a bit better. It is also possible to apply it over glaze as well as
beneath, though the fired results will be a bit different.

Peter Jones