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cynthia bringle slip

updated sat 15 jan 00


Lesley Alexander on fri 14 jan 00

I lost the message (hungry computer ate it) but a party named Jones said
he had a recipe for Cynthia Bringle slip. Is this the same one?

**Cynthia Bringle Slip for wet greenware (0)
Borax 5
Custer spar 25
EPK 20
Ball Clay 20
Silica 30
Colors: blue, co carb 2.5%; blue green, co carb 1.5%, chrome oxide 2.0%;
Brown, red iron oxide 25%; yellow, rutile 20%; white, zircopax 7.5%
(Note, one person on Clayart subs gerst borate for borax & it works ok)

*One party adds ~2% bentonite for Cynthia Bringle slip and says its ok for