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greetings from spain.

updated wed 19 jan 00 on tue 18 jan 00

Dear friends,

I am a Spanish ceramist and have just arrived to clayart. This is my first
letter to you.
My name is Jose Antonio, I'm 41 and I've made ceramics since January 1975.
Later with my wife -Mari- we have worked about a wide variety of products
and had teached ceramics for ten years.

I've always been interested in ceramics, mainly in STONEWARE but Spain have
no tradition in it and there only a few ceramists making stoneware at
present here. Pioneers in stoneware in Spain were: Serra Fiter, Llorens
Artigas, Antoni Cumella...

I think that artists and ceramist particularly- are very important nowdays
because providing sense, sensibility, armony and beauty for a better world.

At present I am going to start another new course in ceramics and I'd like
to show to my students ceramics all over the world, mainly of high fire
and raku-. I'd love to start a little collection in my school in order to
awake in my city the interest in this wonderfull art although our budget
is very low-.

Also I need as slides as possible about ceramics for my classes. Could any
of you send me some slides of your work with a note about it?

Anything or information- about ceramics for my students: books, magazines,
videos, etc. Will be welcome. Very thanks.

Sorry for my mistakes with English. Hugs for all of you from Spain, Jose

Note: I'd like to met you any day... -