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greetings from spain - ceramic images

updated thu 20 jan 00


Russel Fouts on wed 19 jan 00

Jose Antonio,

Welcome to Clayart. You don't say where you are in Spain. I lived in Madrid
for 6 months and have spent a lot of time in Barcelona, my favorite city.

Someone who is really pushing the definition of ceramic art is the Catalan
artist Claudi Casanovas. It certainly is stoneware, he even uses melted
stone on some of his work. I love his work, don't know why I don't have a
link to it. Have to get one.

You will also probably get a message from Francoise Melville who works in
Canada now but spent most of her adult life in Spain. Her site is at She has two articles there that
she wrote on pottery in Spain.

If your class has access to the internet, you can find lots of links
(potters, galleries, suppliers, etc) on my web page at
Many of the people on Clayart are there.

Happy exploring


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