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denver airfare

updated sat 22 jan 00


mel jacobson on fri 21 jan 00

kurt and i got....round trip...senior.
northwest airlines.
164.00 bucks
we will be there...with bells on.
clayart room kick ass.
listen to feriz delkic talking kilns.
ron roy talking glaze. one word answers to the world's problems.
joyce, well, just being joyce.
bonnie, well, doing all our taxes..(bring calculator)
dannon, well, she is shy...have to ask her in.
tables full of mugs.
marcy...speaking spanish.
famous people being seen.
linda, making a sink and spraying it with itc.
alice smiling, and giving us food.
and about 400 more great friends..smiling.
i will be.
joe will be smiling very big.
(and chatting)
terry will talk of the world's problems....but, many more words than
god, i hope carla is there....what a trip. (website)
from minnetonka, minnesota, u.s.a.