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nceca breakout session help

updated mon 24 jan 00


Terry Sullivan/Nottingham Center for the Arts on sun 23 jan 00

Terry Sullivan
Nottingham Center for the Arts

I will be the session moderator for the NCECA breakout session on Non Profit
Arts Organizations.

I have several requests for the clayart group.

One: What issues/questions would you like addressed at that session
regarding such organizations ?

Two: This breakout topic is always popular but much to short. I am planning
to host a hospitality room for after the NCECA conference for the breakout
discussions to continue. I need to know what time and day would be most
desirable i.e. Sat afternoon or evening, Sunday morning ???

Three: Please send me the name and contact information etc. on any Non
Profit art organization you know of that has ceramics as a significant part
of its opperation. This could be from Anderson Ranch to a small local
potters quild.
I estimate there may be hundreds of such organizations in the US and Canada.
Far as I can tell; there is no organization or available directory of these
types of Non Profit groups in the country.

I am beginning the process of compiling a list of such groups toward a future
conference for Non Profit Arts organizations and the possible formation of a
national assn. and publication.

Please do not reply/respond via the clayart list.
Send all email to me at: or

Thank you for your help,

Terry Sullivan