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re textile stamps

updated thu 27 jan 00


Liz Gowen on wed 26 jan 00

I have gotten most of mine in antique stores, or the like. Problem is they =
pricey since the
=22Interior decorators=22 are using them to hang on walls. Have gotten =
several nice
wooden ones but my favorite ones by far are 2 metal ones my mother, bless =
heart, nabbed for me as they came into a consignment shop she used to work =
They are beauties and work really well in clay, clean sharp design. They had
been used to make Indian print material, because a piece of the material,
printed from them, is attached to the handles. Sure wish I could find =
someone to
make some of these to my design specs. They are a pleasure to work with.
Good hunting
Liz Gowen