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grad schools?

updated fri 28 jan 00


Kathy King on thu 27 jan 00

After investigating the suggested sight at USNews Online for the
top Graduate School Rankings for Ceramics in my opinion this may
not be the most accurate ranking of ceramic grad programs.
While many of the schools listed have fine graduate programs it
seems to me there are some really strong programs missing, i.e.
Penn State (Chris Staley, Liz Quackenbush), University of
Nebraska(Gail Kendall, Pete Pinnell, Eddie Dominguez),
University of Florida(Linda Arbuckle, Nan Smith)....

Looking at the Methodology of how these schools were ranked was
questionable also. They surveyed (in 1996 mind you) top
administrators and faculty of fine art programs and only had a
40% response rate! Though I feel this is a good place to start,
I would not limit myself to this list.
Thanks! Kathy King

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