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nceca and studio potters

updated sat 29 jan 00


Jada Ahern on thu 27 jan 00

Hi there...

Usually a lurker here.

I am a studio potter going to NCECA for the first time. I see it as one of =
only ways for me to get alot of info in one place and meet others who do =
what I
do. Almost all of my technical information has come from Clayart, the =
the books I read, and trial and error.

Last year the owner of the studio I manage went to NCECA. She talked to the
kiln doctors and the information they gave her made the cost of the trip =
it. Once we added the furniture clamps to the kiln, it fired perfectly.

Although NCECA seems to be for educators, I think that the studio potters =
learn alot. Studio potters are actually working in the discipline (I'm not
saying that educators aren't working). NCECA may not be a venue =
for studio potters, but we are all learning all the time anyway. If you are=
inquisitive as most potters I have met, you will probably learn something
wonderful totally by accident=21

I love what I do and am looking forward to meeting others who love clay =

Jada Ahern
Hummingbird House Studios
Tucson, Az

Mike Gordon on fri 28 jan 00

We the blessed in Northern Ca. have a wonderful venue in Davis, outside
of Sacramento. It's called CCACA. I think it stands for ..California
Conference for Ceramic Artists or something like that. The only problem
is that it is ALL about ceramic sculpture. You'll see a vessal once in a
while, with some sculptural element added. But the town of Davis turns
into one big ceramic show. 4 or 5 gallery's with in walking distance of
the Gallery that hosts the conference.The Natsoulas Gallery. There is a
movie house accross the street that houses the slide show/lecture
series.Lots of fun !!Mike