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nceca shorts

updated fri 28 jan 00


mel jacobson on thu 27 jan 00

well, the venue is open to all. but, they have an agenda based
on why they became nceca. as it should be.

ten years ago, i, as a high school teacher, felt like i was
a total outsider, looking in.

now, the high school folks have made tremendous inroads
to the group...with a good effort. even have their own show.

now as a former educator, i go to nceca to meet potters,
talk to potters, and be with potters. name some place else
where you can do that?

nceca gives us that opportunity, bless them.
and remember, nceca is us...if you pay your dues.

it is interesting how many great potters come up to the clayart
room, and i hear quotes like `man, this is the place to be, meet
real potters, or, you know, people around here make real stuff`.
makes me smile.

mel/mn (website)
from minnetonka, minnesota, u.s.a.