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updated sat 29 jan 00


mel jacobson on fri 28 jan 00

remember folks, if you have a `burning topic` that you want
to discuss at nceca, well put up a note in the clayart room.
look for others that want to discuss it too. sign up people.
form your own discussion group, it is a big hotel.

as marcia has said, the cops won't get you if you have
something to discuss.

or go to the bar, a guy from nottingham, california will be
there at least 10 hours a day...arguing...(hey, ter, am i right?)
and he will be loving every minute of it.
holy cow marcie, clayart is bigger than nceca.
feel the power.
hey, we could have officers, meetings, dues...
hell, we could bore the hell out of the world. (website)
from minnetonka, minnesota, u.s.a.