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updated sun 30 jan 00


Norman van der Sluys on sat 29 jan 00

It seems to me, having been on both sides of the fence, that NCECA needs
us studio potters as much as we need them. Unless they see their mission
as educating tomorrow's clay educators they need to know what is going
on out here in the world where people are doing things and making a
living at it (hopefully). It sounds to me like some of them, anyway,
realize this and thus welcome the studio potters.
It is also true that studio potters cannot expect to sit back and have
the educators serve up our desires on a silver platter. As Bob Dillon
says "You've got to serve somebody" and if we don't take the initiative
on the organizational side we will get exactly what we deserve. I know
this is hard to swallow for many of us who have found the life of a
potter to be comfortably reclusive, but that is life.
It seems to me that the ideal solution might be a section within the
nceca with sessions devoted to our needs and allowing both groups free
access to all the sessions, breakouts, what have you. After all, there
are those of us who just educate, and those who just pot, but many of us
do both - in one form or another. And I don't think there are enough of
us to waste our efforts in duplication.

Norman van der Sluys