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international ceramics breakfast links (one each france, germany,

updated tue 1 feb 00


marc mancuso on mon 31 jan 00

Good Morning all,
Earlier this morning I goofed by sending an email to the whole list instead
of sending it only to the individual it was meant for. To those who opened
that email hoping for content, I apologize. ("Reply to list" gets me every

May I please compensate by offering the following three "international
ceramics breakfast links" in place of the missing content. (I'm eating
breakfast while I'm sending this, so they're breakfast links.)

In each case the link points to a subpage that's likely to be of interest,
rather than force people to navigate in another language from the sites'
respective index pages. Step off the path and you're on your own.

Bon appetit!

>From France we have "La Pipe d'Argile"
which makes porcelain and stoneware functional and decorative pieces.

>From Germany we have "Neue Keramik"
a magazine with a nice archive of pictures from back issues.

And from Italy we have "Ceramica Aperta Urbanucci"
which appears to be a home furnishings and design firm.

Marc Mancuso

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