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japanese/english terminology

updated thu 3 feb 00


Bruce Chesser on tue 1 feb 00

Aiko Ichimura, There is a paperback book,THE JAPANESE POTTERY
HANDBOOK that give both Japanese and English clay terms. It is published by
Kodansha International ISBN 0-87011-373-9 ISBN 4-7700-0706-X(in Japan)
Mine is eighth printing.1989,I don't know if it is still in print

Bruce in Ohio on wed 2 feb 00

Aiko Ichimura wrote the following:
My name is Aiko Ichimura. I just joined this list Serve. I am also a member
of Japanese Pottery list Serve from Japan. One of our members had started
teaching pottery class and he has a American student. He is trying to explain
basic Japanese techniques but did not know English terms for those
techniques. Does anyone know any book, dictionary, or web site that has
English and Japanese term for pottery techniques. Any hint or suggestions
would be appreciated.

We carry a book titled "The Japanese Pottery Handbook" which is exactly what
you are looking for. It is full of line drawings with English/Japanese terms
for all aspects of pottery, pottery making, studio equipment, firing, kilns,
you name it!.

Please contact me directly for more information.

Steven Branfman
The Potters Shop

Rick Hugel on wed 2 feb 00

I just checked with Amazon Books via the internet and they seem to have
"The Japanese Pottery Handbook" in stock. You could probably get it in a
couple of weeks.