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updated wed 2 feb 00


Linda Mosley on tue 1 feb 00

I feel compelled to comment on the NCECA thread. My
first experience with NCECA was at a conference in
70's where I attended an impromptu meeting of women
who felt we needed more representation on the board
and as presenters. Eventually one of the women in that
group became president, and I became editor for the
NCECA Journal for a while in the 80's. My experience
was that the board worked very hard to make a balanced
and successful conference, which was their main
purpose, and for a while were also very supportive of
publishing the papers delivered, and reporting on
demonstrations and discussion groups. But as time went
by, publications like Ceramics Monthly and Studio
Potter covered the conference to a much wider
audience. And venues like this discussion list are
much more lively and responsive than attempts, way
back when, to make the NCECA Newsletter a forum for
discussion. In summary, let's celebrate and support
the existence and variety of so many good venues
available today. NCECA is an exciting and stimulating
event - one has to be there to get it - no publication
or video can duplicate it. - Linda Mosley

Linda Mosley
ceramic instructor, St. Louis Community College - FV
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