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about rcfs -from jose/spain-

updated sat 19 feb 00 on wed 2 feb 00

Hi friends,

Sorry for my delay in writing to some of you but I'm still having an hard
with my computer .

I'm thinking of buying a new electric kiln. I've always prefered old kilns,
traditional kilns to fiber kilns although the modern ones has some benefit.
For example, fiber kilns are heaviless and firing cheaper. I've indeed had
any problems with these kilns: skin allergy and any throat and breath

Anyway, I'd like you to read about a new material -Hi-Por- on this page:

(And comentary about RCFs)

Kind regards from Jose in Spain.

Francoise Bazard on fri 18 feb 00

Dear Jose,
In the school where I teach ceramics, I have a fibber electric kiln.
After 3 years using it I notice after every class that I have cough
beginning and more in the last weeks after a big influenza and
bronchitis... I think light bricks are better for health =21
Hasta luego

Francoise Bazard 16, impasse de la Robertsau 67800 HOENHEIM FRANCE