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updated thu 3 feb 00


Louis H.. Katz on wed 2 feb 00

Dear Clayart,

Several things have come up that deal with media availablility after the
conference; videos, the Journal, and slide sets.

The video shot during the conference is shot for two purposes, one is so
that there is something to show on the screens. The second a minor purpose
is to put it into the archives, where it will probably languish unwatched.
Shooting video during a demonstration and expecting to get video that its
worth editing is difficult and always a big compromise. If you are going to
spend the effort editing you should set up without the audience and reshoot
all of the demo. How much more wouldwe need to pay the demonstrators for
video rights? Who would manage the video business? Who do we pay for
editing? We don't really need more mediocre videos, we need excellent well
thought out videos.

Slide sets used to be offered by NCECA. They were unprofitable. The same
issues come up as to copyrights but they are even more complicated as many
of the slide shows use images from other publications. As an institution we
(Texas A&M University-CC) have nearly ceased to purchase slides and are
concentrating on other media. Duplication costs are high and the margin is

CD's make more sense, but the board hasn't bit on my proposal yet. They may
soon. I had proposed to make a CD with an image from each member submitted
as a slide. It may come soon.

There are still some problems with it but the NCECA National '99 is up on
the web and the images are in the NCECA Image Database.
You can access the database and add your image off the NCECA Homepage at
To look at just the NCECA National there is a link from the top of the home
page under Hot News