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plastic bats

updated sat 5 feb 00


Vicki Katz on fri 4 feb 00

I have both types of bats: the black with 2 holes, (one oval) & the brown
bats from Creative Industries which have the waffle pattern. By far, my
favorite bats are the Creative Industry bats which fit different pin set-ups.
They come in various shapes & sizes & are light weight. The do not wiggle
on the wheel, that oval hole on the black bats drives me NUTS - noisy too. A
big plus, in my mind is the ease at which you can lift them off the wheel.
The black bats require a tool.
Still, I yearn for another bat system, just have too much invested right now
in what I have. I will search at NCECA for the "new & improved". Last year
I saw plastic bats with circles on them, like the wheel head & that might
have some advantage.
Good luck !
Vicki Katz