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studio tech position

updated tue 8 feb 00


ARTMOLIN@ACS.EKU.EDU on mon 7 feb 00


We have a non-paying studio tech position that will become open for the
2000-01 school year here at Eastern Kentucky University. The position
allows for a studio ceramist to work in the ceramics area to help
supervise firings, glaze and clay mixing and other general studio duties
in exchange for studio space, materials and firings. The hours are not
much, and are flexible. This position has most often been filled by
someone who has just graduated from undergraduate school and needs to
find a place to work where they can develop their portfolio for graduate
school. Anyone outside of this are certainly welcome to inquire.

EKU is an undergraduate program with an emphasis in the BFA area. The
ceramics studio is well equipped and has approximately 8 electric kilns
(of various size and makes), 2 high temperature Alpine gas kilns, 1 salt kiln,
1 soda kiln, and 3 wood kilns (a Phoenix fast fire, a Neely Coffin kiln
and an anagama). Good general studio work space with about 12 wheels, 2
Brent slab rollers, an extruder and large tables. The clay mixing
facility houses 2 mixers (a Soldner and a Bluebird), one for stoneware
and the other for white ware.

Richmond, KY is a small rural community of about 30,000, located about
24 miles outside of Lexington, KY.

Anyone needing more information about the position and/or questions
about how to apply should contact me at:
or call

A decision will be made by the end of the semester (mid-May) and
applications will be reviewed as they are received.



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Department of Art BITNET: artmolin@eku
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