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wood fired dinnerware

updated thu 10 feb 00


Patricia L Porter on wed 9 feb 00


That is a BIG project for one who is "somewhat" of a newbie. (I should
talk! 8-) ) But take heart. I found that if you liberally sprinkle
wood ashes from a fireplace or campfire over a shino ^10 piece, the
effect is quite startling and natural looking. There is also a ^10 glaze
called wood ash. I don't have the recipe,maybe someone else does. It's
a mottled woodsy green that runs all over the place, if you are not
careful, but really quite elegant.

Hope this helps.
Pat Porter A new address folks.
Aurora CO USA

On Tue, 8 Feb 2000 13:31:16 EST Kit Shannon
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> message----------------------------
> I've been asked to make a dinnerware set for a friend.
> He wants 12 place settings and insists that he only wants wood fired
> pots.
> He also says he wants all the serving dishes, platters, casseroles,
> etc...
> I've only been making pots for about 4 years now and I haven't done
> sets
> very much, and this seems like a huge order so i am a little
> intimidated...
> I don't have my own studio so I'd have to do this in a community
> studio
> and I work full time
> so my studio time is limited. I don't even know how long this will
> take
> me if I can only be in the studio 15-20 hrs a week...
> I'm not sure how much extra to charge for wood fired pots
> I would like to tell him I can't do this in the wood kiln, It just
> seems
> like a lot more work.
> I've been doing a lot of cone 6 glazing lately, but he's not excited
> about it...
> I have access to a bourry box(salt) and an olsen fastfire kiln.
> I'd probably fire in the boury box to get better surface from the
> salt.
> I'm concerned I might be taking on too much , especially since I had
> planned on spending more time experimenting with some new ideas I
> have.
> Does anyone have any advice or suggestions.
> (I know dinnerware's been discussed recently but I couldn't find
> much in
> the archives about woodfired dinnerware...)
> Thanks
> Kit