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nceca bashing

updated fri 11 feb 00


pam easley on thu 10 feb 00

I think all you old fogies out there who are so worried about whether the
conference is fair to, or generous toward, to sympathetic to potters and
sculptors, etc, are a bunch of nitpickers! Get with it, and enjoy the
gathering for what it is. Meet others with your interests and talents and
ignore the rest if you don t like it. I, personally, can t wait until the
Charleston gathering! Sorry that Denver can t fit into the schedule this
year, and am living vicariously through the List. I can feel the excitement
building, and envy those of you will be there without me.
Pam in Seattle, where the bulbs think it s spring, and it ain t too wet and
cold out to still run to the mail box in my bare feet.