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storytelling: nceca breakout !!

updated tue 15 feb 00


Patrick McCormick on mon 14 feb 00

"Teaching and the Art of Story Telling" is the topic of the breakout
session I will be moderating in Denver. I am hopeful that a number of
you will be able to take a brief respite from your quests for glaze
stability by taking part in a " Down to Earth discussion of
storytelling". While we may tell a story or two, the session will be
devoted to the exploration of " Why we tell stories and how to
effectively improve presentation !"

Most of us have distinctive physical and verbal ways of teaching. This
session will discuss the formal and informal methods of teaching and
relating information through stories. While I have extensive resources
to share, I am certainly open and anxious to receive expertise wherever
it may be found.

If this topic piques your interest and if you would like to take an active
part in this session please contact me directly off list ( this is
important since I do not follow all the clayart correspondence).

I hope to see many of you in Denver! Pat

Patrick McCormick
Ceramics, Art Department
Western Washington University
Bellingham, Wash. 98225