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updated wed 16 feb 00


Paul Jadick on tue 15 feb 00

I have been off clayart for many months and have been lurking again for a
few weeks because I am going to NCECA and want to connect with clayarters in
person. I went to Rochester 4-5 years ago and loved it. It never
occurred to me that it was for "educators" I thought it was for "education."
mine. It was terrific. So much valuable information.. I have been a potter
for 25 years and I have taught most of that time, but even for a beginner
it's a wonderful experience. Just being around hundreds and hundreds of
potters who love what you love and dedicate their lives to what you do is
enough for me.
The sharing and accessibility of the top potters in the country was very
impressive. I can't wait. Looking forward to the clayart room and all of
you too, just as much.

Georgia Tenore