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nceca roommate needed

updated tue 23 feb 10


Rick Mahaffey on fri 18 feb 00

Hello Fellow Clayarters,

I need to find someone who needs a roommate. The personal assistant to
Japanese Potter Wasaburo Takahashi has extended her stay suddenly and I
am looking for someone (female) that would like to share their room with
a nice Japanese woman. she does speak pretty good English, is a non
smoker, and I'm sure would be an excellent roommate.

If you have a space for Tuesday through Friday night please email me off
the list at:


Rick Mahaffey

Chris Stanley on thu 15 feb 01

Looking for a place to hang my cowboy hat!

I have a tendency to drink/smoke if you got em/ and stay up late howling at
the moon. I do my best work in a noisy atmosphere late at night listening
to Leon Redbone. I can sleep just about anywhere.

Looking for a male roommate for the conference (My wife would protest any
other arrangement)

I will be traveling in a large cargo van filled with art following a
convoluted route. The least of my concerns will be how the crow flies and
the four cardinal directions.
Are there any other Van dwelling Dead Heads out there who are caravanning
I will be heading out from Odessa, TX on the 23rd of March. I am looking
for accomidations from the 25th to the 1st.

PS. I ain't really that bad and I am house broken!


Charlie Cummings on sun 9 mar 03

I'm looking for a roommate or possibly two for NCECA. I have a room at the
Holiday Inn.
If you are interested contact me before noon on Tuesday.
Charlie Cummings

Charlie Cummings Clay Studio
4130 South Clinton Street
Fort Wayne, IN 46806

Cyndi Casemier Johnson on mon 12 feb 07

Hi everyone;

I just received an email from a good friend who has a Israeli potter coming to NCECA and would like a room, possibly at the Galt. Would anyone like to share their room? The artist is a female. Thank you.

take care,

Cyndi Casemier Johnson
2759 Crosstown Rd
Berlin, VT 05602

Linda Hughes on thu 22 feb 07

Hi All,=0AAnother roommate bagged.=0AAnyone still need a roomate for the co=
nference? =0AI have a room booked at the Galt, now I need someone to share =
it with.=0ALinda=0A =0ALinda R you alwa=
ys be blessed =0Awith a sense of wonderment

MJ Moriarty on wed 28 feb 07

I am looking for someone who needs a roommate, so if you still have a bed
available I am a non-smoking female, low-maintenance, sound sleeper, etc,

Let me know!

M J Moriarty

CA Fisher on wed 28 feb 07

I will be going on I have a room for Wednesday through Saturday night.
My roomie is coming in Tuesday
and rooming on her own the first night. She'll be leaving on Saturday.
The third roomie appears to have cancelled.
So I have room Wednesday through Saturday night.

On Feb 28, 2007, at 3:34 PM, MJ Moriarty wrote:

> I am looking for someone who needs a roommate, so if you still have a
> bed
> available I am a non-smoking female, low-maintenance, sound sleeper,
> etc,
> Let me know!
> M J Moriarty
Cheryl Fisher
Sarasota, Florida USA

Linda R Hughes on thu 27 dec 07

Hello all,
It is time for that annual call for an NCECA roommate, adventurous, independent female requested.
Yes I do have a room reserved at the Omni William Penn with two double beds (no smoking), booked as arriving on March 18 , departing on March 22.
Thanks, Linda

Linda R Hughes

May you always be blessed
with a sense of wonderment

Edward Huml on sun 21 feb 10

Hi everybody,
I finally booked a room at the clayart hotel and am looking for a guy to sp=
lit the room with. Got=3DA0a room from Tues night till Sat morming. Looking=
orward to the conference and it would be great to split the cost. Free up m=
ore dough for eats and other clay related things. Clay, did I say clay?
Ed Huml