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updated sun 20 feb 00


Graeme Anderson on sat 19 feb 00

Part of a letter from Julie Fraser in a technical bulletin of the Potter's =
ca 1979 -
=22In Stoke-on-Trent, 1=25 of the throwers still die of silicosis despite =
the fact
they only handle wet clay. The cause has been attributed to their wiping =
clay from their hands onto their overalls. The heat from their bodies causes=
dry clay particles to rise from their clothing, and then they inhale it.
Airborne dust particles sink at the rate of only one foot per hour. Now
throwers are required to wear clear terylene which absorbs less clay than =
does. The studio potters wear vynil aprons. Several I knew were switching =
sweeping their studios, to vacuuming them with a wet/dry industrial vacuum. =
industrial specification for ceramic industries in England requires that a
concrete floor with a trough down the centre be serviced to the depth of 2 =
every 24 hours.=22
Graeme Anderson. Gemopal Pottery. Lightning Ridge.Australia. 2834.