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kitchen cabinet door knobs

updated mon 21 feb 00


Richard Jeffery on sun 20 feb 00

Not sure about the clay aspects, but you could consider using what are
called "hanger bolts" in UK. They have a woodscrew thread on one end, a
machine screw (i.e. to fit a nut) on the other. Used on tables to fix
legs - screw wood screw end into leg, thread though hole in metal plate
attached to table sub-frame, secure with butterfly nut.

For these knobs, you first need to decide how to fix knob to door. Will it
be fixed by screwing into the wood, or by screwing through and being fixed
by a nut? You could use the appropriate end of the bolt to do this - the
other end, being threaded, would give a secure grip to whatever glue
(epoxy?) you might use to secure the bolt into the knob. You are unlikely
to be able to thread the inside of the knob to secure any other way.



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Does anyone have experience with making porcelain knobs for cabient
doors/drawers that you can give me some advise and/or instruction?

We are in the process of remodeling our kitchen and to my surprise yesterday
my husband suggested he would like me to make them. I do have both ^6 and ^9
porcelain to work with that I would fire in oxidation. The surface
decoration is in itself an exciting challenge... but what I need some
guidance on is how to accomodate the hardware... screws, bolts, etc. ...
needed to thread the knob to the cabient.

For starters I will test various shapes for clay wall thickness... looking
for shapes that will tolerate daily use.
I suspect the best way to drill the hole in the neck of the knob would be
between leatherhard and not so bone dry... thinking that at this stage I
would not risk distorting the overall shape... (realizing I must allow for
shrinkage)... what size hole? and how deep into the neck?

Then... once the item is high fired... what is the best way to attach the
screw into the neck?... glue? any particular type you would recomend?

Is there any other consideration I missed?

Thanks so much... Marie Elaine

Should the wall thickness of the knob neck be at least the same thickness as
the screw hole?