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mystery glossy slip

updated tue 22 feb 00


Greg T. Johnston on mon 21 feb 00

Dear Clayartists:

Recently I have been expirementing with different types of slips. One of
the slips I applied to a piece while it was drying, and after the firing it
was glossy and clear, like a glaze. I don't know what exactly was in the
slip, it I just grabed a chunk of greenware from our "Mt. Reclaim" that has
been growing in the corner of the pottery room for the past 5 years. I
gound that chunk up with some yellow underglaze. I know that it wasn't the
underglaze that caused the results, since it was only a stain. I can only
assume that the chunk had feldspar or silica in it.

Does anyone know how I could reproduce this mystery "glossy slip"? Thanks
for the help.

- Greg T. Johnston, Gunnison, Colorado, USA
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