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empire slip

updated wed 23 feb 00


Jeff Campana on tue 22 feb 00

I recently did a few very successful experements with a material called Empire
slip. I was told my school aquired it "very cheap, a long time ago" and is
usually a substitute for albany slip in recipes. I found that used straight, in
cone 10 reduction, it yeilds a deep glassy red, almost black, where thick, and a
wonderful silky feeling purplish red/brown opaque where thin. In the salt kiln
it yeilds an incredible matt mustard yellow, with brown where thin and green
where thick.

I was wondering if what the history/maker of this clay is. We had no analysis
of it (making it the only thing besides wood ash in the entire studio without an
analysis). And the studio is running very low on it. If anyone knows where or
if i can get more of this Empire Slip, and maybe even has an analysis of it, it
would be much appreciated..

Thanks in advance