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firing platters vertically

updated sat 26 feb 00


Antoinette Badenhorst on thu 24 feb 00

Jeff, do I understand you right? You want to make holes through the foot rim
and put wire trough and then support it from all sides?
If your balance is perfect you may be able to keep the holes neat, otherwise
the wire will pull out by the time that the clay become piro plastic. That
might be difficult to get the perfect balance. Either the one or the other
side will get warped or ruptured trough. I imagine if you can strengthen the
rim (where it should stand on) and then get your wall , it might help. Since
it is wall plates, you can get away with unglazed backsides. Calcinied
alluminia might mess your kiln,but it will follow the contours of your plate
and can be vacuumed out. If you fire it rather on an incline than vertical, I
think your chances will be better.
You know what I like about this Calera? It makes one think. I might not take
on a challenge like this, but it `s good to think of possible solutions and
read what others will come up with.
Maybe you should try one small one and let us know the outcome.
Good luck.

Jeff Campana on fri 25 feb 00

Thanks to all for the wealth of private responses to my previous question!

As the general summary, most of you said to tilt a plate on a "ramp" made of
kiln shelf shards with one flat shelf on top. My only concern is that my ash
glaze will just sheet instead of making syrupy rivulets the way i like it on my
vases, but we'll just see about that after the firing....

I will keep you all posted on the results. Maybe 2-3 weeks or so, still gotta
throw those platters.