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fw: art teacher needs help!

updated sat 26 feb 00


Andy Clift on fri 25 feb 00

Date: Tue, 15 Feb 2000 23:03:39 EST

Mailing: PO Box 255 Bagdad, FL 32530
Shipping: 4512 Forsyth Rd. Bagdad, FL 32530

Hello. My name is Jennifer Johnston and I am the Art teacher at Bagdad
Elementary school, located in Bagdad, Florida. I have been teaching at this
school for 6 years and feel truly blessed to be working with such a caring
and devoted group of people. The students at Bagdad Elementary thoroughly
enjoy all forms of the Arts and are especially excited about our upcoming

On April 18th I will be having an Art auction and student exhibit, called
Arts Alive=21 This program will not only help expose our students to more =
the art world, but also help raise money for The American Cancer Society and
the Bagdad Elementary Art department. This leads me to the reason I am
contacting you. As part of this program, I would like my students to
experience first hand a wide variety of artworks from around the world. I
trying to contact a wide variety of artists to participate in this event. I
am asking (begging) for donations from artists. I will gratefully accept
anything you can part with. (Prints, jewelry, sketches, paintings,
sculptures, notecards, etc.) Even if you have an item that is flawed or
imperfect in some way, we do not mind. My students understand that this is
part of an artists learning and growing process.

What will I do with your work? Due to finances and our schools focus on
academics, we do not take field trips to art museums or galleries.
Consequently, I have decided to bring the experience to them. All donated
pieces will be on display in a gallery (empty classroom) for each student in
Kindergarten through Fifth grade to visit. They will participate in
critiques of the pieces, as well as explore the topic of aesthetics.

This brings me to the auction we will hold in April. I plan to invite
Board members, business and community members, parents, etc. The student
auction (where students will place their artwork up to be bid on) will be
live and full of energy and excitement. I will then take all of the
gallery-donated pieces and have a =22silent=22 auction. What a great way to
our community the importance of Art=21 The proceeds will be divided between
the Art Department and The American Cancer Society. As some of you may
we recently lost our Superintendent of 20 years, Bennett Russell, to cancer.
This is our way of giving a little back.

I know how frustrating it can often be as an artist. You are constantly
asked to give to this or that cause, charity or organization. I just
fiercely hope that you will see the worthwhile nature of this event for our
children and community. The children are very excited about this=85and so =

If you have decided to participate, you can drop your artwork off at the
school or send it to the above address anytime before March 10th. I would
be grateful if you included any information on the work you are donating
and/or information about yourself as the artist. If you have any questions
at all, please do not hesitate to call me. My number at school is (850)
983-5680, and I can be reached before 2:30. My number at home is (850)
944-0486. My e-mail address is You can
also visit my web site for our school at
Please forward this information along to anyone that you think might me

With my Sincerest Thanks and Best Wishes,
Jennifer Johnston
Art Teacher