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korean woodfire conference

updated sat 26 feb 00


deb taylor on fri 25 feb 00

The Third Annual
MacSabal International Wood Fire Festival 2000
July 1-July 11 (11 days) Schedule of Events

July 1 Festival Opening Ceremonies, Welcome Concert and Wood Firing
July 2-4 Workshop (Yongin) [optional 1 or 2 night stay at a local
historic temple]
July 5 Morning: Visit to the National Folk Museum and Traditional
Handicrafts Museum* (Seoul)
Afternoon: Tongin Galley Opening (Seoul)
July 6 Morning: Workshop (Yongin)
Afternoon: Opening (Pundang Samsung Plaza Gallery)
July 7 Workshop and Slide Shows (Yongin)
July 8 Wood Firing (Osan)
July 9 Workshop and Slide Shows (Osan)
July 10 Korean Folk Village and Kyonggi Provincial Museum Tour*
July 11 Unloading, exchange of works, Close of Workshop

Workshop includes pottery making, slide shows, salt firing and onggi
pot throwing.
*participation in optional and other tour destinations are available
In the past two years we have had participants from Canada, the United
States, Japan, Slovakia,
New Zealand, Tahiland, China, Australia, and Korea.
Organizers: Yongin City, Osan City, Ministry of Culture and Tourism,
Kyonggi Cultural
Foundation, MBC TV, Arts & Culture Channel 37, Studio Metaa, Hongik
Photo Press, Art
2000, Samsung Plaza Gallery, Tongin Gallery
Participants Should Provide: As we plan to make a catalogue for the
workshop, participants
should provide ample materials including photos of self, work and
personal profile. Please bring
to the workshop three ceramic works.
Fee: US$200 (inlcudes food, lodging, materials, and admission fees to
museums, etc.) Airline fare
is at personal expense. Foreign participants should arrive in Korea
no later than June 30, 2000.
You will be picked up at the airport (Kimpo) by the festival
organizers and taken to the festival
site, approximately a two hour trip.
For more information call: 82-339-374-1336 (Kim Yong Moon) or Fax:
Address: PJ Kiln, Kual-3 Dong 442, Osan City, Kyonggi Do, South Korea,