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updated wed 14 apr 10


Louis H.. Katz on fri 25 feb 00

Dear Inyoung Han Lee,
I have forwarded your letter to Clayart a ceramics listserv (like a
bulletin board). Many people from the listserv will be attending.
Hopefully one of them will contact you directly at your email address:
I hope you enjoy the conference.

Inyoung Han Lee wrote:

> Hi! I am planning to attend the conference which will be held in
> Denver. I have already purchased my ticket and reserved a room at the
> Executive Tower Hotel staying from 3/21 till 3/24. I would like to
> find temporary room mates (Female please). Would you be able to assist
> me finding candidates as soon as possible and let me know via email.
> or use my husband email address in case you
> have a difficulty with my email address. Thank you very much and
> looking forward to hearing from you soon. Best regards, Inyoung Han
> Lee

gina mars on tue 13 apr 10

Hi All, I just wanted to say that my visit to the clayart room made
the trip for me.
The gallery of work, the people, demos, lectures and mug exchange were
fun and
informative. Meeting people face to face for the first time was great.
better than
meeting a hollywood star. If I ever go again, clayart will be my first
Gina Mars