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nceca 2000 preview

updated thu 2 mar 00


Mark Mecklenborg on wed 1 mar 00

The March 2000 issue of Ceramics Monthly includes a preview of NCECA 2000 =
115 through 128). The preview provides a schedule and overview of the
conference program along with information on the many exhibitions on view =
the conference. Maps of downtown and metropolitan Denver, Boulder, and =
are included to help you pinpoint the various locations of the exhibitions.
Last year's NCECA preview was especially valuable for those who arrived in
Columbus the weekend before the conference. CM subscribers should receive =
March issues soon. If you are not a subscriber, you probably can find CM at=
local ceramic supply store or national bookstore (e.g., Borders, Barnes and
Noble). See you at NCECA and the ClayArt room.

Mark Mecklenborg