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nceca stay-at-home mug exchange -- the list

updated fri 3 mar 00


Chris Schafale on thu 2 mar 00

Ahoy there, mug exchangers=21

Following is the list of those who have signed up for the Stay-at-
Home Mug Exchange. If you think you might have signed up,
please look for your name (alphabetical by FIRST name). If you
want to participate but are not on the list, let me know as soon as
possible (see details at the end of this message). If you are on the
list, but have changed your mind, or don't have a mug ready,
please, please let me know right now before I make the pairings.
Have mercy on the list moderators and send all such messages
directly to me at: , not to the list.

The List:

Alice Chittenden, Alisa Clausen, Amy Kivnick, Amy Parker,
Andi Cody, Andie Carpenter, Anji Henderson, Ann Brink,
Annabelle Johnson, Anne Worner, Ashley Hasselman,
B=92racha Pickering, Barney Adams, Beverly Crist, Beverly
Norton Walker, Bob Hanlin, Bobbi Bassett, Bonnie Blinson,
Bonnie Hellman, Cara Zavisho, Carla Allen, Carol Seidman,
Carole Fox, Carole Honeycutt, Carolyn Eddins, Carolyn
George, Carolynn Palmer, Carrie Jacobson, Charles
Hughes, Cheryl Litman, Cheryl Weisz, Colleen Joerger,
Colleen Schneider, Connie Williams, Craig Fulladosa, Dave
Eickholt, Dave Wheeler, Debbi Schlegel, Debbie Lewis,
Debby Grant, Deborah Bouchette, Deborah Wildenberger,
Diane Woloshyn, Dinah Collopy, Don Hoskisson, Don Jung,
Duncan Bedford, Elizabeth Hewitt, Elizabeth Priddy, Eva
Marie Burns, Gail Phillips, Gayle Bair, Geoff Walker, Greg
Lamont, Helvi Abatiell, Ilene Mahler, Isak Isaksson, Jan
Adams and Terry Pharo, Jan Henkel, Janet Moe, Janice
Wright, Jannie Wiethoff, Jeanne Melchior, Jeff Campana,
Jeff Seefeldt, Jeff Walker, Jennifer Boyer, Joanne Wood,
John Tilton, Joyce Hewlett, Judi Buchanan, Julie Holmes,
Karen Fisher, Karen Peters, Kate Wilson, Kathleen Chase,
Kathy McCormick, Kathy McDonald, Kelly Young, Kevin
Boyle, Knox Steinbrecher, Lana Reeves, Laura Freedman,
Laura Freedman, Laura Umthun, Laurie Cowell, Lee
Bedford, Lena Wells, Leona Stonebridge Arthen, Les
Crimp, Lesley Hildreth, Leslie St. Clair, Lisa Skeen, Lois
Aronow, Lori Pierce, Lynne Ellis, Marge Carson, Marie
Elaine E. Lanza, Marion Barnes-Schwartz, Mary Ella
Yamashita, Maureen Jenigen, Merle Davis, Michael Porfido,
Michelle Sholtis, Mike Gordon, Mimi Stadler, Nina Jones,
Pam Barker, Pam Easley, Pamala Browne, Patrice Murtha,
Patti Fox, Peter Atwood, Phyliss Ward, Rebecca Varner,
Renee Speenburgh, Robby Brower, Robert Moore, Robert
Santerre, Roberta Miller, Roger Bourland, Ron Philbeck,
Rudy Bauer, Russell Knop, Sally Harland, Sam the cat lady,
Sandra Nissen, Sandy Dwiggins, Sandy Tesar, Sarah
House, Sarah Howe, Seri Kaar, Sharon Sept, Sharon
Starkston, Sheron Roberts, Steve Dalton, Sue Beach, Susi
Beene, Terri Kennedy, Theresa Marlow, Tim Malm, Val
Mann , Valice Raffi, Veena Raghavan, Virginia Virkus,
Wendy Hampton

(Please note that this is NOT the mug exchange that will be going
on in the Clayart room at NCECA. This one is for those of us who
will be sitting at home feeling sorry for ourselves because we're not
in Denver. People going to NCECA can participate if they promise
to send their mug off RIGHT AWAY after they get back from

If you are not on the list but are interested in participating, the
details are:

1. Send me your name and =2Amailing=2A (you know, like the post
office?) address (my email is: )

2. Make your mug (or teabowl or small vessel or candleholder or
whistle, or small sculpture or whatever.....) and be ready to mail it
on or about March 21, when NCECA starts.

Please, please, please don't sign up to participate unless you
can have a mug ready to mail =2Ain March=2A, not in May, not after
graduation, or after you build your kiln or ......

3. On March 19, I'll collect all the names and make the matches,
then send you an email with the name of the person to whom you
will send your mug. For simplicity's sake, this year let's make
it that the person you send a mug to will also be the person you
receive a mug from. That is, person A will send a mug =2Ato=2A
person B, and will receive a mug =2Afrom=2A person B.

4. Non-US residents are welcome to participate if you're willing
to ship your mug here. If you have a problem with paying postage
to an overseas exchanger, please let me know when you sign up,
and I won't pair you with an international partner.

Any questions, email me directly at


Chris Schafale
Light One Candle Pottery
Fuquay-Varina, NC