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a message to tile makers

updated sat 4 mar 00


Stephen Mills on fri 3 mar 00

My good friend Bronwyn Williams-Ellis Has asked me to post this to all
Tile Makers via the List.

A message to Tile Makers.
I am a professional tile maker working in Bath, England, and I'll be at
the N.E.C.A. conference in Denver in March with a group from the
University of Wales (Cardiff).

A. & C. Black have asked me to do a book on contemporary tile makers,
and I am keen to meet any serious tile makers at the conference, or to
hear of anyone you know who is doing interesting work.

Please contact me at the University of Wales stand, or fax me on,
**44.1225.859263, email me via Steve Mills on or write to me:
Bronwyn Williams-Ellis
Old Orchard,
88a Walcot Street,

Steve Mills
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