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subject: what clay makes for large hump molded platters?

updated sat 4 mar 00


Maggie Towne on fri 3 mar 00

Date: Thu, 2 Mar 2000 13:41:20 EST
From: centa
Subject: what clay makes for large hump molded platters?

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I'm experimenting with slab formed platters over bisque or plaster hump
molds and am having problems with cracking even with feet. This last one

I waited until leather hard then put an engobe on it and it began to
crack at the edge inward. I don't know if it would have anyway or not.
In this case should I have waited until bone dry? Would a more plastic
clay body be advisable. This one was more of a sculpture body with
noticeable grog. I'm firing mid range red and white clays.


centa, what are the shapes of these forms ?? cracking shouldn't happen
if the curve is gradual enough at the outside edge. woks make great
forms for clay or plaster slump/hump molds. the restaurant size is huge
i don't think it's your clay..a sculpture body should work well, better
than a finer body, really.
how thick and even are your slabs? unevenness can cause problems, too.
are you maybe drying them too quickly ?? send me a drawing , if you
want, of the forms you are using.

maggie towne